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Disc Replacement Testimonials

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Packages and Costs

Dr. Ritter-Lang offers complete surgery packages include transportation from the Bremen Airport, pre-operative evaluation, x-rays, and consultation, all costs associated with the surgery and any complications, postoperative physical therapy and medications, and post-operative in-hospital and hotel recovery stays.

Our staff will handle booking of all hotels and transportation for arrival and pre-admission, family members, and post-op recovery.

Our surgery package for Lumbar or Cervical Disc Replacement, includes;
  • 1 pre-operative hospital day for evaluation and consultation.
  • All costs associated with the surgery (implant, surgeons, anaesthesia, etc.).
  • Postoperative hospital stay 5-7 days or as needed
  • All consultations, x-rays and medications.
  • Postoperative physical therapy.
  • Additional, 7 post-op rehabilitation and therapy days
    at a nearby hotel (2 persons, incl breakfast buffet).
Typical time frame: 14 days
(= arrival day + 1 preop + 5 postop hosp + 7 hotel)

Surgery cost will vary depending on the number of discs (levels) done,
1-level disc replacement: 27,000 Euros
2-level disc replacement: 31,000 Euros
3-level disc replacement: 35,000 Euros

Typically you send a wire transfer 2-3 weeks prior to surgery.
Go to xe.com to convert Euros to US Dollars.

Not included; your flight (destination is Bremen (BRE)), lodging for early arrival prior to admission to hospital, lodging for family members while you are in the hospital, and meals after leaving the hospital.

Your stay at the hospital will include, transportation from the Bremen Airport (BRE), deluxe newly remodeled rooms with, in room TV (CNN and BBC in English), Meals, served in room or taken in the dining room and English speaking consultants who will see to all your needs.

Upon arrival we will pick you and your guests up at the Bremen Airport and bring you directly to your hotel.

It is likely that you will be at the hospital with a group of Americans also getting disc replacement surgery. This scheduling method provides a support group and is a wonderful benefit to the patients.

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US Spokesperson
Jim Rider
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