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Jeff, 1st Lieutenant US Marine Corps
Lumbar M6 Disc Replacement L4-5 L5-S1
February 2010

I am an active duty Marine officer with an extemely physical lifestyle and needed the best treatment possible. Already having three laminectomies under my belt I was suffering exteme pain in my lower back during physical activity because my discs were very degenerated. The military couldn't provide anything besides fusing my spine, so I had to seek treatment elsewhere. All the research suggested that Stenum seemed to have a solution to my problem. Jeff
Upon my arrival to Germany we were picked up by a Stenum driver who took us to our hotel, which was very nice. We did some in-processing for the first couple of days which wasn't bad at all. On the third day it was surgery time. The surgery lasted about 2 hours. Immediately after the surgery Dr. Ritter-Lang came by the observation room to tell me the results of the surgery. He was really cool and told me everything went great, a textbook surgery. We stayed in the hospital for about one more week, which wasn't bad at all. All the nurses and staff were outstanding, and the food was pretty good. The last week we stayed at the Hilton in Bremen. By that time I was walking around pretty good and starting going to the gym in the hotel. The doctors told me not to workout for about 8-10 weeks, but honestly I started my regular routine at about week 5.

I am in the best shape of my life right now, and feel great with absolutely no back pain whatsoever. About 12 weeks after surgery I almost had a perfect physical fitness test, which consists of a 3-mile, pull-ups and sit-ups. I have no limitations at all and can do anything my job requires me too, which can be alot. This surgery saved my lifestyle. It wouldn't have been possible without all the extremely professional people Stenum has working for them. I would especially like to thank Dr. Ritter-Lang for his skills, and my family for their unrelenting support during the whole process.
Thanks everyone,
> Contact Jeff at jmayhew55@aol.com

Judge Les Hatch, 237th District Court, Lubbock Texas
Lumbar M6 Disc Replacement, L5-S1
October 2010

Constant low back pain, especially when extending, and "painful numbness" in outside of left foot. Slightly exacerbated with prolonged sitting and exercise. MRI revealed severe degenerative disc disease at L5-S1.
Experience in Stenum:
Very comfortable. Everyone spoke fluent English and facility was clean and appropriate. All staff, including physicians, were friendly and accomodating. All questions answered and I did not feel rushed.
M6 artificial disc (manufactured by Spinal Kinetics) implanted at L5-S1 by Dr. Ritter-Lang. Epidural anesthesia was pleasant and effective. No pain or memory of procedure. Surgery was timely and staff explained process throughout. Recovery was the same as procedures in US except no headache or other negative side effects sometimes experienced with general anesthesia.
The nursing care after transfer to the floor was excellent. Again, comparable if not better than floor care in US hospitals.

Today (7 weeks out) I am pain free in low back. My painful numbness in foot is still present, but not as bad. Probably caused by scar tissue at S1 nerve root which was pre-existing from discectomy 3 years earlier. This Friday I am released from all restrictions and look forward to resuming my active lifestyle.
Overall, I am a success story and would recommend Stenum without hesitation.
> Contact Les at leshatch@gmail.com

Lumbar M6 Disc Replacement, L5-S1
May 2010

I was involved in a car accident where I was struck in the drivers door. I received injuries to my neck, left arm and lumbar spine. In the days after the accident I started having symptoms of pain and weakness in my neck and arms and later in my legs.

Nine months after the accident with my symptoms getting worse by the day, I went ahead with a fusion at the C5-C6 level in the US. The cost for the surgery was $80,000. I came through the fusion surgery still having the same pain I had before and later found out from a new MRI that because of the fusion I had now more damage in my neck. Adjacent Segment disease had now made the C6-C7 disc begin to rupture when it was perfect when viewed just after the accident. My worst fear of getting a fusion and the condition spreading to other levels had occurred.

I was still having severe leg pain and mechanical back pain that increased as I walked. It was found that I had a complete collapse of my L5-S1 disc space causing a bone on bone condition that my doctor described as bad as it can get.

This time I had some money from my lawsuit and I was not going to have a fusion again because I knew first hand what it meant, a lifetime of surgeries again and again. So I again sent my films to Stenum this time. Dr. Ritter-Lang suggested I have a disc replacement at L5-S1 and possibly at L4-L5. The L4-L5 decision was to be made while I was having surgery. It turned out that I only had the L5-S1 disc replaced. Experience in Stenum:

The day of the surgery I was able to get out of bed and walk around my room. The day after I was walking the halls of the hospital. On the third day I was released from the hospital to my hotel. On that third day my Dad and I took the train to Berlin and I walked at least three miles. Every day after that I was able to do sightseeing for the next 10 days until my departure back to the US. My back pain is and has been gone since the surgery. I still have some pain in my legs and of course my neck and shoulders. I have documented chronic nerve damage from waiting four years to have surgery. I am totally happy that I went to Stenum. I feel that my back is fixed and I only wish I could have done it sooner and also have had my neck done there as well.

More than likely I will be having disc replacement done on my neck by Dr. Ritter-Lang in the future especially if things continue to worsen. No matter what, the only people that will touch me concerning my neck will be those of Stenum. I strongly recommend Stenum.

Meet Chris

> Contact Christopher at clotz62242@gmail.com

Howard, Lumbar M6 Disc Replacement L3-4 L4-5
November 2009

My pre-surgical pain was such that I had to at times stay down on the couch for a day or 3 with pain being so intense that when I tried getting off the couch I would collapse When I was back on the truck I never felt confident that when I would stop for a break that I would be able to get out and walk. My time behind the wheel was always short, 1 or 2 hours at a time. After my surgery I walked down the hall a short distance within 24 hours. It just kept on getting better and soon I was back home and well, within 3 months was pain free. After 4 months I have been back on the big rig now since the beginning of April full time and still pain free. I am grateful for the new lease on life that I got through the surgery and really want to thank everyone again that was involved in this whole process { Jim Rider, Sue Hart, Dr. Wallinger, Dr Zechel, Dr Ritter Lang, as well as all the wonderful staff at Stenum Hospital} . I also remember the anesthesiologist doing an exceptional job. THANK YOU to all and blessings to each one for such an amazing job so well done.
> Contact Howard at lowglo@gmail.com

Brooke, M6 Lumbar Disc Replacement L4-5 L5-S1
October 2009
I had Degenerative Disc Disorder in L4-L5 and L5-S1, due to an accident. I was only 28, with the lumber spine of someone twice my age. I had 3 months of physical therapy, 3 cortisone shots, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and daily pain medication (ultram and hydrocodone) and nothing seemed to help much with the pain. I had an MRI and a Discogram to help with diagnosis. I was told my only treatment option was a two level fusion, which I did not want to have.
I had a very good experience, everyone was knowledgeable, kind and helpful, from the head surgeons to the nurses.
After surgery, I no longer have the pain I had before. I am now able to stand up straight and walk normally (two things I could barely do before surgery).
I am at the 3 month mark from surgery now and I am still going to a physical therapist 3 days a week. I am also still on some pain meds (though not as much as before) and am now also taking Reqip for the muscle spasms I have been experiencing since surgery. I have been frustrated that I am not healing faster, though I do definitely see major improvement. I am told that the pain and muscle spasms I am now experiencing are all part of "distraction pain" and they are normal and will go away eventually.
I am very glad that I had the surgery and I would do it again in a second.
Before and after x-rays

> Contact Brooke at ...Brooke is traveling and will not have email access for some time...sorry!

Samantha, M6 Disc Replacement, L4-5 L5-S1
November 2009
Well I am a completely new person. I was back to work within 6 weeks and would consider myself 95% better. I still have some nerve pain but it is maybe once every 3 weeks, and not that bad. I have had one "sore back" day since the surgery, but I really overdid it the day prior, so I am learning that I have some limitations, but not many. I am able to do things like jogging that I couldnít do before, although mentally itís hard to remember that Iím able, as my brain still tells me not to. I am off of all pain meds, so Iím also getting used to what I call "normal people pain" like stiff muscles after a long work day. All in all I am VERY happy and have recommended your hospital to many many people.

Jim (Dr. Ritter-Lang's first American), Lumbar Disc Replacement L4-5,
April 2003

After years of suffering, I avoided fusion, discovered Disc Replacement, went to Germany and had a wonderful experience.
4/5/03 "I awoke in the ICU, their version of a recovery room, soon after surgery and was told all had gone well. There was no back pain to speak of, due to a nice morphine drip, although I had a true sense that my disc pain was gone." Read the full story.
11/20/03 Over 6 months since my ADR, all is well, riding my bike, playing soccer, skiing next week! Still don't think heavy lifting is a good idea, although there is no pain to speak of. No meds, not even a Tylenol!
4/5/04 One year since ADR! Life is good, skiing, bike riding, rode all the rollercoasters an Disney World last week, basketball turns out to be a little painful the next day, I can lift 55lbs (my daughter) now, no problem. ADR is the best thing I ever did for myself!
11/3/08 Over 5 years now, golfing, skiing, still limiting lifting to 60lbs to protect my L3-4, all good!
Want some help understanding your options, what your spine is doing, and why? Read Straight Talk about spine surgery and pain.
Jim is now the US Spokesperson for Dr. Ritter-Lang
Call him toll free at 866-544-8252, pacific time.

> or contact Jim at jim@stenumspine.com

Meet Jim

Ben, Lumbar Disc Replacemen L4-5 L5-S1
June 2009
I skied in Utah last Friday, Saturday and Monday at Park City, Deer Valley and Alta! I had no pain from my back what so ever! I took several bad crashes and got up and kept going! A miracle! Dr. Ritter-Lang has changed my life.
> Contact Ben at ben.larue@lpl.com

Bryan, Lumbar Disc Replacement
December 2008
When I came to Stenum I had been out of golf for 9 years and I never thought I would play again. After only a few months of practice now I have returned to better full form than I had been in the past. I am planning to enter some professional events around August of 2010 and if all goes well a Qualifier PGA Tour event. Granted I have no idea if I will ever make it but because of the expertise, knowledge and caring of the doctors and staff of Stenum I now have the opportunity to try.
My recovery was a tougher road mentally than physically and would like to share my story and hear others. With all I have been through I would do it again and I love it.
> Contact Bryan at bryanhortongolf@gmail.com

Bill, Lumbar Disc Replacement L5-S1
November 2008

One year ago on this date, November 2008 I had the extremely good fortune to have Dr. Ritter-Lang replace a disc in my back at L5-S1. The disc had been damaged over 50 years ago and the pain from it had been increasing steadily for that entire time. By the time 2008 rolled around, I was almost unable to walk and standing for more than just a few minutes was out of the question. I had tried chiropractic treatments, injections of pain killers, prescriptions for pain killers, acupuncture, massage, exercise and surgery (twice) to correct the problem. Then, in early September, 2008, as the result of a chance comment on American television, I heard about disc replacement surgery and my wonderful wife, Linda, discovered Dr. Ritter-Lang and the great work done over there.
When I arrived in Germany I could not walk down the aircraft boarding stairs without severe pain. The short walk from the hotel to the hospital was almost impossible. However, in the year since my surgery, I have not had any pain from my spine. I have had to overcome the discomfort of muscles and bones that were knocked out of line a half-century ago and were reluctant to get back to normal but that was short lived. I now stand straight, walk straight and sleep comfortably. I have even been able to swing my golf clubs again!
I want to extend my thanks to the entire staff at Stenum for their professionalism, care and patience. More specifically, special thanks go to Dr. Zechel and Dr. Ritter-Lang for their extraordinary skill, Malte Petersen for his patience and inter-personal skills, Sue Hart for her patience and determination to see that every patient question is answered, Hans, for his "magic hands," wonderful sense of humor and great outlook on life, Ilke for her attention to detail and evident concern for the welfare of patients and accompanying family, and Rolf, the poster nurse of what a truly professional nurse should be. All of those people plus all those that were never seen or heard made my stay both pleasant and successful. The only words that say it all are "thank you from the bottom of my heart."
> Contact Bill at spectre.7071@hotmail.com

Colleen, Lumbar Disc Replacement L5-S1 L4-5,
January 2008

Severe pain had become a part of my lifestyle and each day harder to face than the last. Doctors only assured me that anything they could do would probably make matters worse. Hope had become a thing of the past.
October 28th, 2007, Lurinda Martin from Prince George, BC, was featured in an article in the local newspaper, written by Bernice Trick, titled ďGetting Back On her Feet AgainĒ. Lurinda had just returned from Germany where she received ADR (Artificial Disk Replacement) surgery. Reading this article was like listening to myself describe my back pain, except now she was better! Words could not explain how excited I was.
On January 25th, 2008 my surgery was completed, which resulted in severe reduction of the pre-operative pain syndrome.
It has been over seven weeks since my surgery and I can move more freely and only have some healing pain. The pain that used to rule my life is gone. I feel like a new woman. I can hardly wait until five weeks from now when I can start my muscle building and hopefully even return to work after six months from the surgery!
> Contact Coleeen at mystoryofhope@telus.net
or go to http://www3.telus.net/mystoryofhope/ for the whole story!

Rich, Lumbar Disc Replacement L5-S1 L4-5,
July 2007

I had a microdiscectomy/partial lamenectomy in 2000 at L5/S1. Over the last 7 years, that level ended up Bone on Bone and the adjacent level L4/L5 finally ruptured. I couldn't put my shoes and socks on, and I was on so much pain medication just to make it through the day. After a lot of research, I decided that a fusion was not a good idea. The doctors in the USA said that I should get a fusion at L5/S1 and then 3 months later I could get an Disc Repacement at L4/L5. 2 surgeries! I decided to go to Germany. The surgery and recovery was no picnic. My recover has occurred in steps. The pain has slowly moved from extending from my hips to toes; then extending from my hamstrings to toes; then back of my knees to my toes, then calves to my toes. Luckily there was other patients that I could talk to and compare notes. It turned out that we felt about the same and it brought me piece of mind to think it was probably normal to feel the way I did. At about the 9 week mark the pain dropped off very sudden to just a dull ache in my calves and some burning in my toes. Today (6 months) I have zero pain, I don't even know that I ever had a back surgery. It's hard to tell exactly at what point I began to feel that way, but it was around the 4 1/2 month mark. Around then, I felt good enough to start running three times a week. I started with 2 1/2 miles.. I am now up to 6 miles. I lift weights in the gym 2 days a week, play basketball, water ski, scuba dive and sail. I feel great! I can do anything I want within my age limit. I take less Ibuprophen than any time I can remember, only perhaps once every couple of weeks. There were different pains I experienced throughout the recovery. I chalk that up to the new alignment caused by the disk extraction. I am a little over 2cm taller than before the surgery. I have to tell you I am so happy!!. It was the best $35k I have every spent!
Update! I received full reimbursement from my Aetna Global Insurance!
Update Nov, 2008; Today, I run about 20 miles a week, play in a basketball league, lift weights, water ski and snow ski. My back is not a limiting element in my athleticism.
> Contact Rich at mrrich40@gmail.com

Tammy, Lumbar Disc Replacement L3-4 L4-5 L5-S1,
June 2007

I had been diagnosed in the states with bulging discs and degeneration of the discs 3 years prior to surgery in Germany. I had been to several doctors with no luck but pain management. In January of 2007 it was to the point that I had pain and numbness down both legs and I was unable to sit for an extended period of time. I went to another surgeon to see how bad it was. He ended up doing a discogram that showed the devastating results. He told me that there was nothing he could do in the US because they only allowed a one level replacement and I needed 3. He could only recommend pain management. So I started looking on the internet and found Stenum. I contacted Jim Rider, the US representative, and asked tons of questions. I then read the testimonials and contacted them as well to hear their experiences. I also had researched the facility before I finally sent my records to Stenum to have them reviewed. I was so surprised when they said that they could help me! They said I was a candidate for the Maverick disc and would replace all levels. I scheduled the operation for June 1, 2007. I arrived in Germany and they picked me and my family up at the airport. I must say that it is the smoothest transition to the hospital and getting settled that I have experienced. The nurses and doctors are the best. The international staff that guides you through the process is unbelievable and very knowledgeable. Their patience they have with patients asking questions is phenomenal. I was not even nervous the day of surgery. I woke up feeling absolutely no pain. I had a minor setback with my blood pressure dropping but it was soon under control and I was able to get up the 2nd day post op. It was a great experience in Germany and would highly recommend it to anyone that has back problems. I am 7 months post op and I am totally off any pain medication and able to resume most activities. I still have some discomfort if I over do it but it has been a great success!
Update - Nov. 2008; I have been pain free for a year and have resumed normal activities
> Contact Tammy at tbunch@basinc.com or 765-563-8151

Sue, Disc Replacement, L3-4 L4-5 L5-S1
Nov 2005

I am doing great since my surgery on Nov.4, 2005. I awake with no pain, and now know to stop whatever it is that I am doing that causes pain. The team is terrific. It is just over four weeks since my 2 new Maverick discs were added to my back at L3/4 and L5/S1, (I have a Charite at my L4/5). My first surgery in March of 2005 was so successful that I felt brand new! My reason for a second surgery was, I felt so great after the first disc replacement in March, that I went too fast and pushed my new back to riding three hours a day at six weeks post-op. I indured another substantial injury to my lumbar region very soon after my first surgery, it was my fault because I didn't go slow. So, I had a new MRI taken, showing that my L3/4 and my L5/S1 had DDD and I had lost substantial disc height at both of these levels. I was again undergoing spinal injections of nerve blocks and steroids to no avail. So, I sent my MRI off to Stenum again and after the Doctor's conferred, I was again off to Germany. I had these levels replaced with the new Maverick. I am so thrilled with my progress. Thank you so much to Jim, Malte, Dr. Zechel, Dr. Ritter-Lang and all the others responsible for taking such great care of me and giving me a third chance. I want to tell everyone that will listen about the options of ADR that are available to them. I promise to not overdo it again, and take it slow.
> Contact Sue at sue@karmaspine.com
Meet Sue

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Rachel, Lumbar Disc Replacement, L4-5 L5-S1 + 360 Fusion L3-4,
Nov 2006

September 19, 2007, 10Ĺ months post-op. Since Day 1, I have had no back pain! Iíve had some muscle soreness in my legs caused by stretching, but it is lessening all the time. It is mainly only noticeable now when I do a leg workout at the gym or push mow my yard. A week after the surgery, all I needed during the day was some Ibuprofen, but at night I used a stronger pain medication so I could sleep. I gradually decreased the dosages of both, and by February 1, 2007, I was taking no pain medication at all. I am constantly amazed at the different things I can now do pain-free that had been painful for over 20 years, or I had completely altered the way I did them to try to avoid pain. Things like sitting, standing, sleeping, walking, hiking, playing tennis, driving, horseback riding, and canoeing. I also no longer need a lumbar support pillow in my car, which had been a necessity for years. My decision to have this surgery was one of the best Iíve ever made. But the place where I had the surgery performed, I believe, made all the difference. I felt the Lord leading me to Germany from the moment I first learned of it. The doctors, nurses, and the International staff were all great! Not only were they experts in their field, they also showed me and my fellow patients kindness, compassion, consideration, and a caring, friendly disposition. I am a very grateful beneficiary of their experience and dedication, and they will always hold a special place in my heart.
> Contact Rachel at rllay21@comcast.net

More Testimonials

John, Lumbar Disc Replacement, L4-5 L5-S1,
Dec 2005

Before my trip to Germany, I was coming home every day, crying as I drove. I would be in bed from the moment I got home with an electronic ice machine circulating cold water over my back, sipping my martini to take my pain medication. My family ate our meals in our bed room because I couldn't sit or be up from the moment I got home. Before this I was a professional triathlete and cyclist for 8 years. I had done my research on the various devices for Disc Replacement and I also came to the conclusion that Stenum was the place to have it preformed.
Well, I'm sure glad I had this done. I sure was moved by the service, professionalism, friendship, and especially the kindnesses that were extended to me while I was in Germany. It was such an incredible experience.
Update; I'm 7 weeks post-op and can't believe how good I feel. I almost have NO BACK PAIN. I still have some muscle soreness, especially in my upper back as it makes adjustments to my new, proper posture. I've been pretty good about doing the exercises they wanted me to do, and I've been able to get back into the pool. Last week (6 weeks post-op) I swam 3 days, 3,500 yrds each day. I go slow and don't do any flip turns and feel great. I've also been walking 4-5 days a week for at least an hour a day. Can't believe how well this has helped my recovery. Today was my first day back to work (7 weeks post-op) and I made it through the day with absolutely NO BACK PAIN! Again, the muscles in my back get a little fatigued but it's nothing like the pain I use to have. I'll be able to go home tonight feeling good.
3 year update - Nov. 2008; On the weekends I'm gone a lot during the day. I'm either out duck hunting, or playing golf. I don't feel like I have any limitations physically with regards to my back anymore. I lift 4-5 days a week and ride the stationary bike an hour to two hours at least 4 days a week, not to mention all the activities I do with my PE classes. Anyway, you are more than welcome to contact me.
> Contact John at johnd_emd@hotmail.com

Joyce, L3-4 fusion, L4-5 Disc Replacement-Wallis Spine Implant,
Dec 2004

2/11/05, 8 weeks post-op, "My back pain has been decreased by 85 - 90%. I'm able to walk with minimal pain and sleep without any pain waking me. I'm not sure how much pain that I still have because I am still taking Oyxcotin 20mg twice a day and sometimes 1 Vicodin 750mg during the day. I am no longer taking morphine or Lidocaine. I still have one nerve that is still giving me a little trouble, but that has really toned down greatly. Dr. Zechel thinks that in maybe a year that nerve will not be giving me any trouble. The point being I do have a life now. No one should have to endure this much pain. All the U.S. doctors could do was give me lots of morphine and be bed ridden. That's not living!"
3/22/05, 14 weeks post-op, I do not have any regrets going to Germany. The care I received from the doctors, nurses and staff was excellent. I am still recovering and have to be cautious of what I do. I am now able to sit for one to two hours at a time. My family and friends are just amazed at how healthy I look and their comments are that I have my smile back.
> Contact Joyce at rjcarlson1984@yahoo.com

Jason, Disc Replacement L3-4 L4-5,
March 2005

"In the last month I have played tennis, swimming, traveled to New Mexico for 13 hours. I have no problem with sitting, walking or standing. I cant wait to see what I will feel like in the next 3 months. This surgery has changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone suffering from back pain."
> Contact Jason at jzdean@inbox

Cathy Christenson, Disc Replacement L5-S1,
Jan 2004

"We were one day after surgery and already out of bed. I was shocked!.. and happy. You see, when I woke from the surgery, the excruciating pain I had been experiencing in my back and down my leg was gone! And it has never returned to this day! I stayed in the hospital for 7 days after surgery. And I was thankful for every day. Not at all like an American hospital, where I had surgery on one day and was sent home the next! My discharge from the hospital was based on my readiness to leave, not the insurance company's decision to pay...or not. I tell folks that finding Drs. Zechel & Ritter- Lang was a miracle! I was nearly incapacitated with pain before I went to Germany and I have not had that pain since my ADR surgery! It seems "too good to be true" but I tell you, it is true! I thank God for them and their staff!"
> Contact Cathy at Thedcfamily@aol.com

Rita, Disc Replacement L3-4 L4-5,
April 2004

"I took my wife to Germany for a 2-level ADR L3/4, L4/5. I felt their expertise, EXPERIENCE, and outcomes were world class. The technique they use are time-saving, outcomes are excellent, complications are rare. My wife is recovering very well. It's nice to have my dear wife "back again"! 6/21/04 "I'm getting stronger every week. It wasn't the "instant pain-free life" I was expecting. I was unrealistic! It was a major surgery, and any major surgery takes time to recover from, and the body to heal. I should know that! I'm doing better all of the time though. Doing a lot of pool exercises, and that's been good."

Nick, Disc Replacement L4-5,
Nov 2003

"My operation was November 7th at 7pm and only lasted one hour! I was told by a surgeon in the USA that a great surgeon was always faster than a mediocre surgeon. This same operation takes some surgeons up to 4 hours!" " I truly believe that I the best medical team in the world for this operation."
> Contact Nick at ncparas@comcast.net

George, 2 level Disc Replacement,
Nov 2003

"I am at fourteen consecutive days of no back pain. My incision area is what I would describe as sore, which is not like chronic pain. I cannot thank you enough for the experience you provided. We consider you, Dr. Zechel, and the nurses part of our extended family. If we can assist you with any potential candidates, please don't hesitate to ask. I realize everyone is different as to their results, but the great care and positive attitude of your staff was unlike any environment I have been in."
> Contact George at goglesby1@comcast.net

Alice, 66, Single level Disc Replacement,
January 2004

"Thank you for helping to make our trip to Germany so successful and so enjoyable! We have told several people how impressed we are with your operation. We really appreciate your well planned program. From having time to get over the jet lag , to the lab work and consultations, to the operation and recovery, and finally to recuperation in Bremen, we were well cared for. It's hard for us to imagine what it would be like to be "out on the street" 2 or 3 days post surgery. We also really like the way so many extra things are covered. This contrasts sharply with U.S. hospitals."
> Contact Alice at glind@paulbunyan.net

Mike Dunn, Disc Replacement L4-5 L5-S1,
Jan 2004

I would like to thank you and the staff for the excellent care given to me. The surgeons Dr. Ritter-Lang and Dr. Zechel did an exemplary job on my ADR surgery. Dr. Zechel also performed an exemplary job on my foot surgery. The outcome of these surgeries were better than I could have dreamed of. God has to be guiding them for such great work to take place on this earth. I would recommend anyone who is in need of an ADR to come to Germany and have these excellent surgeons perform this ADR surgery.

Carol Withrow, Disc Replacement L4-5 L5-S1,
Jan 2004

We had such a great time in Germany we want to come back. I can't thank you enough for all the care and kindness you and the hospital staff gave us. I am doing well! I can't say enough good about it! People are so amazed at my recovery and we tell them about the others that had it done as well. I am on no medication at all! No pain and able to do more all the time. I still get times when my right leg gives me a problem but it doesn't last long and it is better than even last week. I wanted to let you know how I am and how much we enjoyed our stay. THANK YOU !!!

Tom Trotter, Disc Replacement L3-4,
March 2004

"The surgery went as well as it could've gone," said Trotter, still recuperating at home before heading back to work. "They said the surgery usually lasts an hour and a half, but mine lasted 33 minutes, which is the fastest they have ever done it in." "I want people to know that all of the time, money and effort I put into this surgery was well worth it, and I would love to tell people how they can get the help I got," Trotter said.

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